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business coaching and mentorship


I have been planning weddings since 2009 and to this day I still love it. I love my work, the couples and the business side. I love knowing I have built a successful business and a wide network of relationships in the industry. You know what I don't love? All the mistakes I made along the way. All the things I could have avoided if I had a mentor to teach me the ropes, teach me how to avoid the errors. I have a passion for helping wedding industry vendors create successful and thriving businesses. Some of my clients are at the very beginning stages and some come after years on the market. Either way, we take what you love and make sure to brand it, market it and create a business you love too. All without the mistakes I made because you get to benefit from all I have learned along the way! 


As a wedding industry vendor there are so many aspects of your business that can either make or break your company. Make sure you stand out from the competition with a professional presence and strong business structures. Starting with a solid brand that represents you well moving through the business structures and client management systems. We go through each step of how you service potential clients to make sure they are strong and will give you the best return.  

Website review

Social media review

Social media strategy

Pricing guides and packages

Client experience

Business work flows

Business templates

Business basics (contracts, insurance, employees)

Vendor relationships

Marketing strategy

Networking opportunities


"Evelyn is a well seasoned professional in the wedding industry and it shows! After our initial consultation for business consulting we knew she was the right coach to take our business to the next level. She is very honest, funny, and down to earth. After our first business coaching meeting she suggested we raise our prices, rebrand, and streamline processes. We took her advice and approximately two weeks later we booked one client at our new pricing and had several inquires by new brides. I can’t wait to see how well our business grows with her assisting us in the process. I highly recommend her to others who are striving to get into the wedding industry."

-Kayla and Natasha 


website reviews

Your website is your most valuable tool and selling point besides yourself. You need to make the best first impression of yourself is put out there. Don't let bad branding, unclear messages and spelling errors keep you from reaching your ideal client. A website review includes a page by page review of your site and clear actionable steps you can take to make changes. This includes checking spelling errors, links and contact forms. 

"Evelyn was so great to work with! She gave amazing feedback on my website and helped guide me to completely overhaul my old website. She was clear and concise on what I should offer on the main pages and how to best communicate my brand and business overall. We chatted over zoom and were able to go over each page on my website together. She gave me the confidence and encouragement to launch a website I am now very proud of. I highly recommend working with Evelyn to elevate your brand experience! You won’t regret it!"


venue launch

Do you have a new venue or one that needs a makeover? Evelyn Francesca will help help launch your venue into a successful and profitable venue that all the planners will rave about. Evelyn can help with branding, marketing, brochures, pricing, and launch parties.

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