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frequently asked questions 


1. Why should I hire you as our planner, and not my friend who just started her business? Aren't all planners the same? 

Oh, good question. When you get engaged at first it seems that all planners are the same and your friend who just started her wedding planning business could do it just as well, right? I will start by saying you get what you paid for and in this case free could end up costing you a whole lot more than you bargained for.  Your wedding day is a huge deal, something you may have been dreaming about since you were a child. Walking down the aisle to your fiance, being escorted by your parent(s). A magical day filled with with your closest family and friends. The music is playing, the flowers are adorning every table, the details you desired, can you see it? Now imagine having that day be filled with having to set up items, having your mom and bridal party running around working, vendors calling you and asking questions. This perfect day you imagined is now interrupted by stress and worry, which is not part of your dream.  As your wedding planner I not only make sure your whole day is running flawlessly, but I bring a sense of calm and order to the entire planning process. We plan all the details prior to the wedding so I know what each vendor is to perform, how the timeline will flow, the layout of the event and every last detail. This allows you to be fully present and remember each moment long after the day is done. 

2. So why you and not one of the other 100 wedding planners in the same area?

My experience and professionalism set me apart. Not only do I have over ten years of experience planning weddings, I am an industry leader offering education to other planners. What that means to you is my network with other vendors in the area and relationships allows me to create the perfect vendor team for each couple. I also offer a very personalized and hands on approach to each couple as I take on a limited number of events a year. You are a priority and your wedding matters to me which is why communication is always quick and efficient. 

3. I have planned my whole event and need someone just on the day of, do you offer that?

We do not offer day of coordination because it is important for the level of service our couples have come to expect that we get started much sooner. As one couple said to me "you knew us so well by the day of the wedding, we trusted you would know how to take care of anything that came up just the way we wanted." What we do offer for the couple who has planned their whole event is Wedding Management, this means we manage the event that you plan while offering a professional at your side the whole time. With unlimited email communication from the moment you secure your date and use of Aisle Planner, you will be confident in planning your wedding. Read our blog here to see why we don't offer day of coordination and be weary of anyone that is! 

4. What wedding budgets do you typically work with?

I firmly believe you can have a beautiful wedding on any budget. However, in order to create a wedding that includes professional vendors and a level of service our couples expect, a minimum budget of $75,000 would be highly recommended. Our average weddings run from $100,000-$200,000 which depend on guest count, time of year and day of the week. If you feel like your budget is "too" small please reach out and let's talk. If I can't be of service to you at least I can lead you down the right path. 

5. What is the investment to have you as our planner?

Our fees start at $7,000  with our average couple spending between $9,000-$12,000 for planning services, which again depend on guest count, day of week and time of year. Every wedding is unique and we want to create a package that fits the investment you feel comfortable with, while not sacrificing the level of service we give our couples. Please don't hesitate to reach out even if this sounds like it won't fit your budget. I can assure you the investment will be worth every penny! Wedding management for select venues is $3,850 and we only book a few each year.  

6. Do you only work with vendors off your preferred list? 

While we are happy to work with anyone, the vendors we recommend have been vetted by me personally. They deliver the best quality and experience our couples deserve. 

7. Does that mean you will negotiate their prices for us?

The short answer is no. Each vendor that we send to you is of the best quality and a professional, their price is based on many factors and I never want to expect them to discount their services. With that said many of our preferred vendors offer my couples special perks and that usually equates to discounts or additions of services. What I do offer you is match you with the vendor that fits your style, needs and budget so that way everyone wins!

8.Where do you plan weddings?

I have planned weddings all over Southern California, but I would say my home base is San Diego, Temecula and Orange County.

9. What happens if you have never worked at our venue?

Then I will do a happy dance when you choose me because I love working at new places. I will set up a walk through at the venue in the beginning stages so I can walk the space and meet the onsite team. I will learn about their rules, regulations and be able to visualize design options. To reiterate there is absolutely no problems if I haven't worked at a venue previously. 

10. Do you have experience with different cultural and religious weddings? 

Yes, lots! I have planned Persian, Nigerian, Asian, and Indian weddings. I have also done multi cultural and multi religion combined weddings. If I haven't planned an event with your specific cultural customs I will do all the research needed to create something special for you!

11. What types of couples do you work with?

All. period. I mean as long as you are fun, kind and love each other that is all I ask for! 

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