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Cate and Bobby at Scripps Seaside Forum

Cate and Bobby were lucky enough to get married at the gorgeous Scripps Seaside Forum earlier this year. Yes, it has taken me six months to catch up on some blogs, but wedding season is still going strong. I can still remember how sweet the whole family and bridal party were, which makes for such a joyful experience for everyone.

The Process: Cate and Bobby hired me for wedding management (my One Carat Package) meaning they did all the heavy lifting prior to the big day with design and booking vendors but wanted someone to make sure their hard work paid off. They also added an additional meeting at the venue in the beginning stages so I could walk them through some planning ideas so they knew what steps to take when going forward.

Challenges: The only challenge day of was their ceremony arch that they purchased online. It was not made to withstand wind. We made a quick decision to grab some bags of rocks to hold it up. We also were in charge of attaching the fabric and putting up the flowers, which since I am not a florist was a learning experience. We did it though and it looked beautiful!

Unique Elements: The couple decided to do a DIY photobooth with Polaroid cameras against the wood wall at Scripps. This is a fun way to involve guests in an interactive guestbook.

Amazing Team:

Entertainment: Sound Prodigy

Florist: Jamul Flowers

Beauty: Salon for Women, Makeup by Candace

Cake: VG Bakery

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