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Welcome Bag Ideas

Your wedding is fast approaching and you are so excited to host all your guests for the weekend. What better way to make them feel spoiled than a welcome gift bag waiting for them in their hotel room. Now I know it feels daunting to think of items to put in the bags that guests will actually like, so I made it easy and fool proof for you. There are links below to anything you could want to make these gift bags enjoyable and something guests will actually use. Everything is linked to amazon and (yes I do get a little something something should you order through the link). I use all these items for my wedding welcome bags and they are always a huge hit. Remember, this doesn't have to be extravagant or bust your budget. Look at the items below along with their per person cost and see what is best for your wedding budget!

First, you need to get a Bag or Canvas tote. to put all the items in. If you do the plain gift bags I love to add a custom sticker to personalize. You can get some printed on etsy or zazzle. For the gift bags make sure to order the ones I linked as I have tried a few and these are the best quality and will hold the weight best. Next, get some Tissue paper in your wedding colors to further customize the look.

To calculate how many bags you need, figure out who you are giving them to. Is it only the guests staying in your room block, or all the guests coming in from out of town? If you know where the guests are staying

then it is nice to bring them to the hotel to be passed out as guests arrive. Keep in mind hotels need this information prior and there is sometimes a small fee for this service. If you are hosting a large welcome party the night before and want to give your guests a bag there, then make sure you know how many people are in attendance. It is typically one per family or couple. Some items you will do one per bag while others account for one per person. See below for ideas!


You will want a water bottle per guest because no one wants to spend $6 on a hotel water in the middle of the night!

Boxed Water $1/each


I love doing coffee cans for a little wake me up the morning after the wedding

Starbucks Cold Brew cans $3.50/each


Coffee Cans $3.25/each

If you want to forgo the coffee and go straight to alcohol, add something that is personalized to the two of you. Is your favorite drink a margarita or do you love a good mojito? Add those to the bags and make it fun!

Too many options to list but you get the idea!

Cocktail mixers with mini alcohol bottles (cost varies)


Then add in the snacks, You can go basic or make it personalized with your favorite snacks. Here are a few I typically use:

Mixed packs $.58/each

Mixed nuts $1.30/each


Add in a little sweet treat such as your favorite candy, small chocolates, really anything goes but here are a few ideas:

Chocolates $.30/each

Stroopwafels $1.50/each

Cookies $.50/each

Then, don't forget something to freshen your breath!


If you want to add in a few extras to sweeten the deal, here are ideas:

Advil $.43/each

Propel $.28/each

Sunscreen $1.78/each

Finally, head over to a get a wedding welcome bag insert to tell your guests about the weekend activities and to thank them for joining you. I hope this helps make one small part of planning your wedding easier.


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