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Why Intimate Weddings are the Best

You will hear me say over and over that intimate weddings are the absolute best. Even before all this craziness in the world happening and weddings being postponed and canceled. Why? Because there is something so incredibly special about having a wedding with the utmost important people in your life surrounding you while you celebrate being married. The chaos of the wedding planning and day is pared down and you can focus on what truly matters. If that doesn't sell you already let me give you five more reasons intimate weddings are the best:

1. Smaller guest count does not mean less special. To me they actually feel more special. I have done weddings for fifty guests flying in for a destination wedding all the way down to ten guests gathering to celebrate. Each guest is hand selected to be included and has a special place in the couples lives and marriage. It is important to change your mindset that the more people the better. Change it to those that you know will be in your life 20-30 years from now, those who you will call for marriage advice and those who support your dreams.

2. Less guests mean less to manage. Planning an intimate wedding for under 50 guests is going to allow you to really enjoy the planning process as opposed to stressing about managing 200+ people. You have less invitations to write and stamp, less people to figure out dinner seating, less favors, welcome bags, and stationary. The list goes on but you get my point. The less people, the less work.

3. When you have a smaller guest count you can splurge on what matters most. You can get your dream photographer to capture the day, hire the videographer that you didn't think worked in the budget, and lavish your guests with the best meal and drinks. Sounds pretty fantastic right? Think of this as the most special dinner party you have ever thrown and treat each guest like a million bucks.

4. Details, details, details. When you have an intimate wedding you can focus on all the small details that really create a beautiful atmosphere. This is where you can go crazy and get those place settings you always wanted, colored goblets you dreamed of, fancy linens and stationary. Each guest can get a hand crafted favor to remember the day by. You can include welcome bags in each guest room prior to the wedding day and send them home with the best memories.

5. You get to talk to each and every guest. Yes, I said that correctly. You can have meaningful moments and conversation with each and every guest at your wedding. This is probably the biggest selling point right there. Each guest is so important to you and you want them to feel nothing less than special.

Are you sold on an intimate wedding yet? Yes, me too. Wish I had read this before I had my wedding nine years ago.

Check out this beautiful thirty person destination wedding at Rancho Valencia below:

Photographer: Clove and Kin

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