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Why We Don't Offer Day-of Coordination

For years we offered a package called Day-of Coordination as many planners still do. What I have seen lately is a shift away from using this term and that makes me so excited! You know it is crazy when couples say "Hey I need someone for day-of coordination, but we need you for the wedding rehearsal, a walk through and a final meeting. Oh, and can you confirm all the vendors, make the layout and create a timeline?" Granted I do feel like in a whole it is the industries fault for making the assumption that day-of coordination includes all of these items. Day of coordination really means, a person to show up on the day of the wedding and to run what the couple has planned. It means you hand the planner a timeline, the layout and vendor information and say "here you go, hope it goes well!"

Now I find so many red flags in that and could not imagine running my wedding days that way, but really isn't that what the term means (or should mean?)

Imagine having a person come on the day of your wedding and not be familiar at all with the way the day should flow. Not know the venue and the staff or where things are supposed to be set up. Imagine the planner having less of an idea on what to do than the couples and needing to ask questions all day long. All that is to say we never have run our "Day-of Package" that way. What it is to say, is we included far more in our Day-of Package and were not valuing ourselves and the work we put in to prep.

The past few years Evelyn Francesca Events has not offered Day-of Coordination or even Month-of Coordination for that matter. What we do offer is far more valuable and will set you up for success on your wedding day. We offer our Wedding Management Package, which is perfect for the couple who wants to plan their wedding day but also wants a professional to reach out to during the process in case they need support. Wedding Management gets you access to our online planning platform called Aisle Planner which is an amazing tool with checklists, budget management, guest list manager, venue layout and seating chart. This will host your wedding timeline and all your vendor contracts as well that your planner can reference at any time. The couple also gets access to their planner from the moment they book to ask unlimited email questions or get vendor referrals. This also gets you access to any of our vendor partnership discounts (an awesome bonus!)

As the wedding approaches a venue walk through is scheduled 8-12 weeks prior to the wedding to discuss layout and timeline. Then a final meeting 2-4 weeks before the big day is scheduled to discuss all the details, review contracts, finalize timeline, and make a master to do list of details. On the wedding weekend you will have a rehearsal run through and the wedding day a lead planner and assistants to set up, run the show and clean up!

Wow, isn't that the most amazing package you could ask for? Interested in learning more? Contact here.

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