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Kelsey and Matt Wedding at L'Auberge

The process: When Kelsey and Matt (and mom and dad) met with me for the first time they had not yet found their perfect venue. We started the search at all the main Orange Country venues since that is where they wanted to host. After we exhausted all our sources I had an idea. Everything they had told me they wanted in a wedding venue, some elements from this hotel and others from that, I had an idea. I told them to please drive down to Del Mar to check out L'auberge before heading back to Colorado. They went back and forth but finally made the trip and turns out it was everything they were looking for! I find it the most rewarding challenge to be able to find the perfect location for a couple to get married. From there we created a rock star wedding vendor team that appealed to both their style and personalities.

The challenges: The initial challenge we overcame was finding the perfect venue to host their wedding. They always thought they would have their wedding in Orange Country where Kelsey's family lived. The problem was finding a venue that was both luxurious without being too stuffy. They have great taste but laid back vibes. This is the reason I thought L'Auberge would be the perfect fit. Another challenge was the beach day that we created the day after the wedding. There was a lot of logistics we needed to figure out in prder to block off space on the beach and be able to provide alcohol for our guests. It was by far my favorite aspect of the weekend because it was just so much fun for the guests.

Unique elements: There were so many favorite elements of this wedding. I think using yellow as the main color was a gorgeous element we don't use often enough. We also served In N Out for a late night snack towards the end of the evening. We had a band that really kept the party going all night. We used an element of travel theme through out to really personalize the day as that is the couples favorite thing to do. Really there was no part to the wedding that didn't represent the couple.

Venue: L'Auberge

Hair and Makeup: The Hair and Makeup Box

Napkins and runner: Hostess Haven

Calligraphy: Lavender and Sea

Dessert: VG Bakery

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