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Leah and Brendan at Darlington House

Leah and Brendan called me after their wedding had to be canceled in St. Lucia due to the hurricanes destroying their wedding venue. They called in a panic because they had no idea how to move forward in booking and planning another destination wedding when they already had their eyes set on a place. Since a lot of my couples come from out of state to get married in San Diego, I assured here this was the perfect destination for not only the two of them to have their wedding but for all of their guests to have a great time.

The Process: We began planning this wedding right away as we needed to get the venue and vendors booked. They wanted something quaint and beautiful by the water that their guests could feel as if they were really at a destination wedding. I just knew Darlington House was the perfect spot for the couple and their guests. It is in the heart of La Jolla, perfectly adorable and checked off all our boxes. Since the couple could not see the space in person we did a 360 tour right online through wedding wire. Thankfully they trusted me to pick out the perfect venue for them. From there I was able to book each of the vendors that I picked out specifically for them as I knew they would be the perfect matches for style and budget.

The Challenges: They had never been to the venue nor came out in person for any of the vendor meetings. They trusted the process and me to design, plan and book everything from the venue, catering, flowers and photography. There is nothing quite like going to a menu tasting by yourself to hopefully pick something the couple would love.

The Unique Aspects: I loved the simple and elegant design we implemented into the space. Darlington House really is the most beautiful and quaint venue and it makes sense to play off the space as much as possible. I loved the favors we made using talavera tiles which were unique but also not the easiest to find!

Overall this planning journey was so fun and the couple was such a joy. When I met them finally for the first time in person, it was like meeting a lifelong friend. It proves you can easily get married in a state that you don't live as long as you have the right wedding planner (hint, hint).

Leah and Brendan...

Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Stacey

Cake: VG Bakery

Entertainment: Thomas Giglio

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