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Mia and Bram at Scripps Seaside Forum

Mia and Bram said "I do" on the coast of La Jolla at Scripps Seaside Forum on January 31st. We started the planning process about a year prior and I had the best time planning this beautiful affair. Both Mia and Bram are genuinely caring, sweet and lovely people which makes planning so easy. What we didn't plan for was the weather. The weeks leading up to the big day it said zero chance of rain. ZERO. Then the week before it kept creeping its way up to 99% chance of rain. We knew we needed a tent for the outside ceremony, while thankfully everything else was held inside. But this weather was bad, I mean winds I haven't seen in California before and rain like you couldn't believe it. The tent was blowing away five minutes before ceremony was to start, so we quickly got our amazing vendor team on board to move everything inside with only a ten minute delay to our ceremony start time. The team was awesome, but what was more amazing was the couple. Their dream wedding took a turn, but they were just so incredibly happy to be marrying each other that they took everything so well. They were just happy to be blessed with their family and friends there. The way they handled the day was so amazing to see and to know their love meant more to them than anything.

Our fantastic team!

Videography: Campbellicious

Photobooth: Mobile Photobooth

Hair and makeup: Unveiled Bridal Beauty

Hotel Estancia La Jolla

Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum

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