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Biggest Wedding Regrets

wedding planning

I put out an instagram post to ask couples what their biggest regrets are from their wedding day in hopes of helping other couples not make the same ones! Here is what people said:


This is one of the top regrets I hear from couples. The day is done, maybe it's been a few years. All you want to do is go back and hear that heart wrenching father of the bride speech or ceremony vows, or see everyone dancing like fools. Yes, photos are amazing and great but hearing the words and seeing the movement of the day is priceless. The money you spend now will not be remembered in five years, but you will be happy to have that video to show your kids one day.


I get two things, either they regret not hiring a coordinator or they did hire a coordinator but regret not having done partial or full planning. My biggest advice is make sure after all your hard work planning that your day is in the hands of a professional. You wouldn't buy a Mercedes-Benz car and then let a kid without a license drive it would you?


This one hits home for me. This is my biggest regret. I didn't include my biological mom in the core special moments like I should have. Yes, she was there and saw me get married but I wish I would have had her in the room with me when I put my dress on. I have a photo of me and the mom who raised me but not of my biological mom. Breaks my heart every time. So think about those moments that you would not want to miss out on with special people and make sure they are there


I think this is a tricky one. Weddings come with a lot of expectations. Family expectations on who will be invited. Friends and then the dreaded friends of friends. The "I invited so and so, so now I HAVE to invite these other people since we all hang out!" It gets crazy and overwhelming and the guest list climbs and climbs. The amount of couples who I have talked to after the fact that have said they wished they had less guests is crazy! Couples feel guilty, so they invite. Trust me when I say, be very selective in this process. Invite the people that you know will be a staple in your lives and in your relationship.


You get engaged and a friend tells you they know how to bake a cake so she wants to gift it to you for your wedding. In strolls a four tier cake and sits there for a while and starts leaning. Then leaning HARD, then falls down. True story (mind you taken from another wedding planner who just had to send me photos). But these things happen. People mean well. They have a camera but are not professional photographers or bakers or wedding planners. They want to gift you their time which is very sweet but I promise it is not the same as a professional.

I hope in your planning process you are able to nix some of these before it turns into a mistake you regret. I hope your wedding day is perfect! Has your wedding already happened and you have a regret to share? Comment below!

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