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Spring Inspiration for Your Wedding

Where do you find your wedding inspiration? This is a question for both Vendors and Couples.

I find my inspiration for design in the everyday, especially during a changing season. Spring is a time to celebrate the new. For events it's a time to bring that into design; by keeping trends, and embracing the classic, intimate, elegant touches we have to offer.

As planner I look for design inspiration everywhere... the home is a great place to start. Adding flowers to your table, or some new throw pillows can liven up your space and bring inspiration into your life in new way.

Inspiration also has a tendency to find me as I watch my girls grow. As they run on the beach I'll take in the colors of the ocean, and when we take walks and they pick flowers along the way the textures can spark an idea.

Take a look below and see some images of what we are loving over here at Evelyn Francesca Events. We hope we can help you get inspired this spring wedding season.

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