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Not Just Another Garden Party...

Who doesn't love a good garden party in spring? Especially when you partner with the best vendors in Southern California to create not just another garden party...

Celebrating spring at the unimaginably charming venue Rancho Guejito Vinyards in the heart of North County San Diego, Vendors got together in celebration of springtime and all the goodness that comes with it.

Being a vendor in the creative industry, there seemed to be one thing we could all agree on (besides the fact that the wine we were sipping on was absolutely delightful).

We agree, the small details are just as important as putting together the whole event, and the atmosphere of which you create is so important for your clients and their guests.

On the design end, mixing masculine and feminine elements was important to me. Dreamy drapery and dark wood,(Farm Tables and More) with concrete tables and delicate glassware.(Hostess Haven) Then there are the creative elements of uniqueness, using citrus in the floral arrangements (genius! Splendid Sentiments) and of course what could make an atmosphere more warm, and welcoming than beautiful music drifting through the air (Thomas Giglio) and food indescribably delicious. (btscenes catering) These are the details that make a wedding day, or special event, spectacular, and choosing the right vendors can help you in creating not just another event.

Photography: Amira Gray

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